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Dr Vee Freir

Consultant Clinical Psychologist/Qiqong Instructor/Writer

My Books

Learn to Stress Less (2016)

You can download this book from or

Here is a toolkit of 50 tried and tested, simple and effective stress management strategies to relieve stress and help you relax. Easy and quick to implement and above all they WORK!

Here's what Liz Barrett, Hynotherapist, Psychotherapist and Life Coach from Off The Bus Therapy has to say about it:

'Every so often, a book comes along which is simple yet life changing in its application. This is one such book. Straightforward tips that are easy to put into practice to provide relief from stress.

As a therapist and coach, I have used many of these tips both myself and with clients and it’s a joy to see they are at last available in one, easy to access place.

Whether dipping in and out, or sequentially following each tip week by week, this book provides  the reader with the path to a more peaceful, calmer existence and is sure to become a permanent fixture on many bookshelves.'

START to Stress Less (2nd Edn 2011)

START to Stress Less is a pocket book which will show you in five easy steps how to deal with unwanted stress and costs £4.95 (plus p&p).

START stands for Stop, Take stock, Acknowledge, Relax, Take action. Using these five steps can help you to stress less and manage your life in a better way.

The only way now to buy a copy of the book is to get in touch with me. Please go here and send me a message.

START to Stress Less was author and past president of the Society of Authors in Scotland Nicola Morgan's book of the month in March 2014. This is what she said:

'START to Stress Less is a little book with big power. It shows how to reduce unwanted stress in five easy, effective steps. As a reviewer said, "Dr Freir doesn't take 200 words to say what can be said in 20 words. She just says 20 words. Her advice does not require you to go into a special room each day (who has time for that?). You can use her advice right in the middle of your worry and anxiety and bring it to an end in a way that leads you to solution to what is worrying you. Absolutely brilliant." And I completely agree. I am not a fan of many self-help books as I often find them patronising or unnecessarily waffly. This is neither.

At £4.95 (+P&P) this is stunningly good value and would be helpful to teenagers as well as adults. You can buy it here and no, I'm not on commission and yes, I did buy my own copy!'